Great Teacher inspire and create interest for the subject in Student's mind.

What is the correct age to enroll for Genius kid program?

Early is better. We enroll students from 4 -5 years (They should know the Numbers in English) till 14 years.

My Child is already good at Maths, How Genius kid can help?

Students good at Maths can excel at it and can be trained to be a champion. They perform the calculations which are never taught in school. These techniques help them in Olympiad and all the competitive exams in future.

My Child is weak at Maths, How Genius kid can help?

Genius kid program can create interest for Maths. Our Visual (image) techniques makes it easy for them to perform calculations. Once they know, they are good at Maths, it works as a magic to do more and turns their weakness to the strengths.

What is the total hours they need to spend in a week at Genius kid?

Total 4 hours (2 hours a day – twice a week) is required. Changing of time and days are discouraged to have better learning discipline and long-lasting results.

Will my child get confused between the School Method and Genius kid method for calculation?

No. The Genius kid Method emphasizes on visual learning (image memory) and complements the school learning method. This method helps improving the memory of other subjects as well. It inculcates the habit of self-learning. This course can’t be the replacement of school maths education.

There are many such centers teaching Mental Maths. Why should I enroll my child for Genius Kid?

Genius kid is ever evolving course with following distinct advantage against any other such programs.

  1. Software based learning

  2. We emphasize more on Learning & Coaching over Teaching.

  3. Peer learning is encouraged

  4. 6 – 8 months at Genius kid is equivalent to 18 months at other institutes.

  5. Our students have won all major championships since 2012 and created many World Records.

  6. Some unique subjects no one else teach: mental calendar date, binary memory, speed cards, Mental Square Roots etc.

Since, Genius kid is an individualized study program, does it mean that my child would have an Instructor with him or her all the time?

No. Genius kid is focused more on learning and less on teaching. Each student will progress at individual speed. The starting point for each student is determined individually. Each student progresses at his or her own pace. When students encounter difficulty, the Course Mentor’s role is to assist them, and give guidelines so that they will be encouraged to progress independently.

After completion of course how we can get same result (during the course time)?

Every day only 5 min. practice will help students.And result will remain forever.

If in any case we will transfer in other city then what to do ?

We have more than 50 centers in across India.So your child will continue in that city.

When to meet teachers?

Once in a month atleast spare your 10 min.Prior appointment is required.Because if we will work as a team then only we will get best.