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We welcome you to the world of “Handwriting Curves”. Curve C is an established organization which advances in the improvement of student’s handwriting. As handwriting is one of the most important traits of a human’s personality. Curve C is the first and only course that emphasizes on pattern mastery.

Curve C, unlike other books or products in the market, tends to have the answer to all the questions related to handwriting. Some of them being as follows:

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How important is handwriting in studies?

Students are expected to copy assignments from the board, take notes and write test answers – legibly. Because students are graded on written output, not on what they might know, difficulty in any of these areas impacts achievement. Furthermore, because handwriting is visible, students compare the quality of their handwriting to that of their peers. Students with strong academic potential but poor handwriting frequently perceive themselves as low achievers.

How does Good Handwriting Help?

Good Handwriting helps your child improve his test score and to be confident of what he/she writes. As students learn handwriting, they are building other developmental skills such as sequential memory and fine motor ability. These fundamental skills assist students in other essential academic areas such as math and literature.

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Has scientific research uncovered better methods by which handwriting should be taught?

Yes.Traditionally, handwriting has been taught as an art, but research now allows us to teach handwriting based on scientific research. Handwriting is a basic motor skill, like riding a bike or walking, but advances in motor skill learning have not been incorporated into the process of teaching handwriting. To become proficient at a skill, a student must acquire muscle memory. And we at Curve C understand this requirement and we help your child develop.

Has this research been incorporated into the Curve C Handwriting System?

Yes. Curve C is the first and only course that emphasizes on pattern mastery. To date, the only instructional tools available on the market have been worksheets, which work well for supervised practice (pattern repetition) but do not provide the visual and sequential instruction necessary for initial training in proper letter formation (pattern mastery). Whereas, we have the most advance techniques which have been incorporated into a book.

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