Great Teacher inspire and create interest for the subject in Student's mind.

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welcome to the candid academy

Candid Academy has been started with one program in Cursive Handwriting improvement in year 2010. Ms Pinal Shah has undergone the challenges of her own kids developmental needs and has started this venture. Currently Candid Academy is the team of 5 focused on Para-academic development of kids between 4-14 years. Pinal Shah – A Science Graduate having over 8 years of experience and having dealt over 1600 kids.

She believes that – Great Teacher inspire and create interest for the subject in Student’s mind. Today Parents are feeling stressed and spoilt with choices to find the right balance of activities for their young kids. Candid Academy provides the bundle of programs ranging from 10 days to 3 years long activities helping children to develop their Skills, Knowledge and Attitude towards Learning. Candid Academy provides the environment where Teaching is less and Learning is more. Today, More and more parents are getting convinced that, it is not good that young kids are playing with mobile. But they don’t know how to get rid of this habit. If you are one of them, kindly visit us to know the world of possibilities.

message from founder

I was like any other mother who is concerned for ownkid’s development.

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Being mother of two kids, I was always keen to look for an activity to raise them well – Mentally and Physically. While there are many choices for physical development, I rarely find the stuff to improve the mental abilities. I have come across the unique program Curve-C – a unique Handwriting Improvement program. I have found best result in my child. I have decided to train more and more students for best Handwriting. My first student has improved the marks in his board exam as his legibility of handwriting has improved. It has made my belief further firm that – more and more students should be benefited with the same.

Parenting is once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone learns from their own experience. I have come across many challenging Kids and Parents. My deep desire to understand the root cause and curiosity to find the best possible remedy through various sources like – Own experience as a mother, reading lots of material on parenting & child psychology, interaction with professional counselors etc has helped me a lot. I have always tried to be Candid, Trustworthy and approachable for Parents.

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Be the leader in paraeducation in the region we operate.
Bring Extra-ordinary from every ordinary child.

To identify and nurture the young minds and assisting
parents to develop tomorrow's genius.

Treat every child like our child. Being Candid,Trustworthy,
Creative value for everyone associated with us.


“Smile on the face of Student and Parents after their accomplishment, motivates me and inspires me to do further. ”